How Many Minutes of Exercise You Need for These Popular Food Items

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How Many Minutes of Exercise You Need for These Popular Food Items

We all understand that in order to maintain a healthy weight, there are a certain amount of calories that we need to consume. This consumption allows us to have enough energy to maintain the body’s many processes. However, when we consume too much, this is when we gain weight. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t aware of how many calories we are actually consuming in the food and beverages that we buy. This, in turn, this means that we are underestimating how much exercise is actually required to burn off said caloric item.

In this article, I will lay out how much exercise you will need to burn off popular junk food items like McDonald’s fries, Oreo cookies, and soda.


An iced caramel macchiato, grande size, will run you approximately 230 calories, without any extra flavor shots or additional cream and sugar, and will require either a forty-one-minute walk or a sixteen-minute jogging session

McDonald’s Fries

A medium fry from McDonald’s is approximately 370 calories. This will require a sixty-seven-minute walk or 126 minutes of vacuuming. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include the calorie count of any other items that you may eat if you choose to buy a combo.

Hot Cocoa

A typical six-ounce cup of hot cocoa, without any type of flavor shot, will run you about 113 calories. This will require you to either do a twenty-five-minute bicycling expedition or head out for a twenty-minute walk.


consuming a twelve-ounce soda will run you at about 136 calories give or take depending on the brand, and will require you to either jump rope for eleven minutes or do take a twenty-five-minute walk.



A medium sized banana is about 105 calories. This will require either thirty-minutes of dancing or a nineteen-minute walk.

Potato Chips

A single serving of classic potato chips will run you about 160 calories, which will take either a twenty-nine-minute walk or 173 minutes of stair climbing.

Oreo Cookies

Three Oreo cookies will run you approximately 160 calories. This will require either a twenty-seven-minute golf session or a twenty-nine-minute walk.

Ice Cream

One cup of ice cream is approximately 286 calories. This will require either a fifty-minute walk or a heavy gardening session of eighty-one-minutes.

Blueberry Muffin

A delicious blueberry muffin, medium size, will run you approximately 426 calories. Unfortunately, muffins are horrible for the amount of calories and sugar they contain. Eating just one will require a seventy-seven-minute walk or a fifty-two-minute aerobics session.

Pepperoni Pizza

One slice of pepperoni pizza is approximately 298 calories. This will require a fifty-four-minute walk or a heavy leaf raking session of seventy-seven-minutes.

Red Wine

so you enjoy having a glass of red wine every night before bed, many of us do, but did you know that you would need to take a moderate speed walk of twenty-three minutes in order to burn off a five-ounce glass? The caloric consumption is approximately 125 calories and would require either a twenty-three-minute walk or an eighty-two-minute shopping spree.


Is really good as a spread or dip but will run you 50 calories for just two tablespoons. This means that you will need to either stretch out for fifty-minutes or do a nine-minute walking session.

Keep in mind that the above values are for per serving, so if you are eating these with other items throughout the day, you will need to be doing a lot more exercising. It is extremely important that you take a look at nutrition labels when consuming food, as this will help you stay in your calorie range better.